DeVreugd’s NEW Biofit™ Occlusal Morphology Molds helps every technician efficiently create proper morphology in cast or pressed restorations with speed and accuracy.
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Our mission is to provide high-quality, time-saving, results-oriented products and services to the dental industry based on the knowledge and experience gained by Russell T. DeVreugd, CDT, in over 30 years as a technician, ceramist, dental laboratory owner, and educator.

Biofit Morphology Mold

Training new technicians to produce functional esthetics in wax can be difficult, especially when they have little or no experience. After teaching occlusal morphology to thousands of technicians for over 30 years, Russell T. DeVreugd, CDT, has developed Biofit™ Occlusal Morphology Molds for the creation of beautiful, functional anatomy in minutes.

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Occlusal Compass

A three-dimensional pattern, which is actually a summation of a cusp's movement in all three planes of motion, is called that cusp's ¡°occlusal compass¡±. Every occlusal compass has elevations and depressions, and for any given cusp it will vary somewhat from that of any other cusp as a function of its relationship to the mandibular rotation centers.

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